GIDEA GROUP leading Change

CSR has been a popular business topic the last few years, having worked with some of our clients on their CSR initiatives has allowed us to understand the issue better. In 2014, the tenth year of GIDEA GROUP, two important projects we worked on helped us to have an even deeper understanding, even become a bit of an expert on the area of social enterprise and charity committed communication.




DOMI - Taiwan’s first certified B Corporation (B型企業)

We were involved in the branding for DOMI, a social enterprise which uses ECM (ESCO in Taiwan) model to help customers replace their LEDs, and with that proceed, plant trees all over Taiwan. We found out about the B Corporation certification, and suggested to the DOMI team about the possibility for certification. Even though DOMI was the third in line at the time, it became the first Taiwanese company to receive the B Corp certification. The process allowed us to understand much more about the world of social enterprise, as well as the certification process. After becoming a part of this community and interacting with other change-makers around the world has allowed us to understand much more this important movement sweeping change in the world.

DOMI – 台灣首間取得公益企業認證(B型企業 Benefit Corporation)公司

好點子參與DOMI的品牌創立。DOMI是一間運用ESCO(Energy Service Company)節能經營模式,幫助客戶改採LED照明的公司。基於企業理念,DOMI在台灣各地種植了許多樹苗。好點子最初發現了B型企業認證,並建議DOMI進行申請。DOMI當時是台灣第三家申請的公司,但它是第一家取得認證的企業,這個過程讓我們對於全球社會企業有更深的認識。在成為B型企業的一員後,我們也對自身擔負任務與對世界的改變,擁有更多使命感。





SUNFAR - Leading the CCC (Charity Committed Corporation) movement in Taiwan

We were tasked by SunFar founder and philanthropist Wu Chin-chang to help SunFar communicate it’s charitable efforts to it’s customers and the public. Since 2010 SunFar has given 20% of it’s profits to helping underprivileged children in Taiwan. It has given away more then 140,000,000 since. We developed the slogan and concept « 20% for future », which Mr. Wu liked so much he used it not only for SunFar’s own communication, but also for the CCC league (公義企業聯盟), where he invited other companies (with the same goal of giving 20% or more of profits for charity) to join and start a movement within Taiwan.


順發 – 台灣公益型企業(CCC Charity Committed Corporation) 的領導者


順發創辦人和慈善家吳錦昌先生,受命好點子協助順發與消費者溝通企業公益理念與行動。2010年開始,順發每年捐出20%淨利給台灣弱勢家庭的兒童,至今已捐出1億4千萬善款。好點子基於順發所為,發展出« 20% for future »公益概念。吳董事長相當欣賞這個理念,將這套溝通模式運用於順發與公益企業聯盟(順發邀集其它公司所組成的組織,聯盟成員均捐出20%淨利於慈善,一同改變台灣)。